Your escort in Mumbai is your doctor tonight

For the male patients in a hospital, a good looking female doctor is like a whiff of fresh air. If she smiles and comforts the patient by her touch, he is 50% cured. Most of them track the time to see her glimpse and adore her, whenever she is on the round. Though the doctor wears a normal dress, but the white coat on top gives a projection of her figure and the stethoscope puts her in command. So when she wants to examine, the male patient quickly relents and offers himself.

Why not set up a doctor patient game tonight with your Mumbai hi profile escort?  So when you pick up your celebrity escort in Mumbai from the Escorts service Mumbai, ensure that you get her the Doctor’s attire for a true to life portrayal in your hotel room. You must finish up with your dancing and eating activities to ensure that there is no disturbance when the doctor is at work.

Your hotel room is the doctor’s clinic cum examination room. The model escort Mumbai is a young doctor who has just started practicing. She is wearing blue denim jeans and a figure hugging white doctor’s coat. You approach the Bollywood escort doctor as a patient with some pain in the back and thigh muscle. You cannot get your eyes off from the luster of her pink painted lips as she asks you the questions. You are so spell bound with her busty figure that you fail to answer the questions.

The Mumbai celebrity escort cum doctor orders you to lie down on the examination bed. As she gets up from her seat you notice her towering personality by virtue of her black high heel sandals. You quickly move towards the bed, but the hi-profile escort Mumbai doctor orders you to take off your shirt for ease of examination. As you lie on your stomach she checks, presses and rubs the pain areas of the back. Most of your pain is gone and she now wants to check the thigh.

You remove the trouser at the command of the Bollywood escort Mumbai doctor. As she glides her hand upwards on your inner thigh, you know that you have found your curator!

Watching the day and night cricket match with your model escort Mumbai

All Indians love the game of cricket. Especially when the Indian team is playing the high profile cricket teams from Australia, South Africa or its traditional rival Pakistan; the match draws one and all. People tend to have an adrenalin rush through their bodies when the Indian batsmen are on a Best High Profile escort Mumbaiscoring spree or the bowlers are taking the wickets. It is very common to hear large shouts of joy from the crowds glued to the TV display of the cricket match. You can increase the enjoyment by having your celebrity escort Mumbai by your side when watching the cricket match.

A twenty –twenty or a one day international are really worth watching together. You could have the option of watching it a giant screen in the hotel or malls. Here you a large crowd as well and you can participate in the melee. The other option would be watching the match on a TV screen while having drinks and food in a restaurant along with your hi-profile escort Mumbai. It makes sense, as it gives you a good fill and you also enjoy the match.

Both of you can bet on the outcome of the match, runs scored by a batsman and wickets taken by a bowler etc.; every win giving you the advantage to have an activity of your choice in the night ahead. In simple words you can ask your Bollywood escort, or she can ask you to please her in a particular way depending on the outcome of your cricketing bets. The cricket match is now all the more interesting. The very thought of a win can set your erotic zones tingling. Here is a piece of advice. The model escorts are not experts in cricket, and just have some knowledge. So you can win most of the bets if you place them cleverly.

So while both of you enjoy the game, you have secured some wins for yourself too. The mood is all set for the night ahead and you can hardly wait to get to the hotel room to enjoy your wins!

The weekend outing with the VIP escorts Mumbai

I am sure everyone looks forward to a fun filled weekend. After fulfilling a hefty work schedule for the week one needs to relax and enjoy. The batteries are to be recharged to be fit for working in the next week. One way to do it is Best High Class escort in Mumbaiwith friends and to have a blast. But it is so common and you want something very different. Have a look at the website of Escorts service Mumbai and scan the pages. Go to the profile pages and get familiar with the celebrity escorts in Mumbai. There is a long list with the picture and a few words about each Bollywood escort.

These briefs have been written especially with you in mind. They are designed to help you choose your Mumbai hi-profile escort for the weekend. If you prefer to burn the floor with your dancing over the weekend then choose among the escorts in Mumbai who love to dance. Your choice would change to the Bollywood escort who enjoys food and drinks and have fun, in case you want to spend the weekend with a wine and dine program. The point that is being brought out here is that the Escorts agency in Mumbai wants to provide you with a suitable company to make your weekend memorable.

The model escorts Mumbai have been specially trained in the art of weekend rendezvous! Each hi-profile escort Mumbai knows what is expected of her and she is adept in transforming your weekend into a wonderful experience. The moment you see her dressed up in suitable weekend attire, that is pleasing and inviting for you, the selection has begun to have its effect. You soon get spellbound by the way the celebrity escort in Mumbai engages you in interesting talks

The Bollywood escort Mumbai is there to move around with you, have food and drinks, dance with you and have interesting conversations with you. These are some of the possibilities for the weekend. But you are most welcome to have your own planning for the weekend bonanza with the VIP escorts Mumbai. Remember to prepare a good base for the marathon session that you want to enjoy later in the night.


The celebrity escort Mumbai in a school girl attire!

It is very common to see how people wait outside the school or at bus stops to catch a glimpse of their favorite teen age school girl. The school girl has just started getting the female specific changes in her body and the top is barely able to hold her growth. The visible legs have a shimmering glow and the shape is so perfect that it sets quite a few hearts racing. Why to fret so much when you can have your fantasy fulfilled with the help of Escorts service in Mumbai. Contact the Mumbai escorts agency and chose your Bollywood escort.

The school girl attire is your choice. The fitting and size is the prerogative of the celebrity escort in Mumbai. The school dress could be of a bright blue color as per the house color. The top is very tight and the buttons are almost about to burst. The escort Mumbai chooses a super mini skirt with white socks and school shoes to complete the attire. She also uses a hair clip to keep her hair tied down.

You are the next door neighbor adult boy of 25 years. The hi-profile escort Mumbai school girl sees her idol in you. So when back from the school she finds time to discuss things with you. While she is talking, your eyes are focused on her bust and thighs. You can hardly control yourself to feel them. The Bollywood escort Mumbai school girl is tired and would like to take some rest. She slowly removes her shoes and socks exposing her beautiful feet. The bright red nail polish contrasts her skin tone and goes very well with her blue school dress.

The celebrity escort in Mumbai school girl spreads out on the bed to take a nap. You have a school girl in a mini skirt which is hardly able to hide the beautiful and shapely thighs lying on the bed in front of you. With every breath she takes if looks as if the buttons will pop off exposing her bust. It now all depends on you whether you simply want to admire the Mumbai hi profile escort school girl or brace for some action!

Shop for a pair of high heels for your model escort Mumbai

Have you heard about the high heel race in the western countries? It is an event in which the young ladies wear all sorts of high heel shoes and run. The one who is most adept in wearing them and knows how to walk and run VIP High Profile escort in Mumbaiin them gets to win. But it is not for the women alone. It is for the males who watch the beauties on a display. The high heels run make the body parts bounce serving as erotic triggers for them. They enjoy every moment of it.

You must also have heard a lot of songs with the mention of high heels. There is depiction of them in so many advertisements. Whosoever was the inventor has created something to tickle the male erotic zones. It actually provides a towering height to the females giving a boost to their personality. And when they walk on the stilettoes every tick pierces the heart of the male observer.

So when you are planning for a heist with your celebrity escort Mumbai why don’t you satisfy your fetish by buying your model escort a pair of high heels? It all depends on what you like to see her in. You may like strappy sandals or ankle boots; it is all very personal. Check the color that suits her skin tone. You may want black, white or red whatever triggers you on.

The heel types are also varied. You can get pointed heels, wedges and broad base heels. Take your Bollywood escort along with you for the shopping. Let her try the high heels one by one. See what excites you the most when you see her walk. Buy the pair. You can also go in for more than one in case you want some variety.

The height of the heels is also critical in deciding the degree of kick it will give you. The higher the heel, the greater is the pleasure. Five inch heel size is the best suited for your high profile model escort Mumbai. So buy the item for her. Who knows you may want to see her in high heels only tonight?

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How about going on a boat ride with your Bollywood escort Mumbai?

The city of Mumbai has a very long coastline. At a number of places you can see the sea beaches which are thronged by the public. The beaches become the places for having fun and frolic. People make merry by splashing into the shallow sea waters or by enjoying the street food at the stalls put up on the beach front. You can also find people picnicking on the shore while others are relaxing on the soft dry sand. You also can enjoy the fun by venturing out into the sea with your model escort Mumbai.

The best way to go deeper into the sea is to try a boat ride. There are boat rides where 30 to 40 passengers are ferried far from the shores and then brought back. You can get these motorized boat journeys or plan a manual boat ride along with your celebrity escort Mumbai. The latter works out better because it is just the two of you on the boat along with the oarsman. Once you are away from the shore, you have your own privacy. The oarsmen understand the purpose very well and allow you to have full liberty.

You can also try to row the boat by yourself by asking the oarsman to teach you the process. The process is very simple and you will get the hang of it very easily. All you require is some masculine strength to cut through the water. You can make the process enjoyable by making your hi-profile escort sit right in front of you and make the rowing movements with you. The oarsman can be in the front and steer the boat from there while you enjoy the rubbing and brushing with your Bollywood escort Mumbai.

Your VIP escort would also like the rowing movements and moving in tandem with your movements. She gets a push as take the oars to the front and then enjoys leaning on you as you cut through the water. Don’t get too much engrossed into the action as you would need a lot of energy when you reach back to the room. But you can always take some good food at a restaurant on the way back to recharge your batteries.

Take a cycling sojourn with your Bollywood escort Mumbai

Cycling is fun and also good for your health. It tones up your calf muscles and stimulates your entire body. The exercise not only burns the calories but also improves your circulation. You can enjoy the dual benefit by taking your hi-profile escort Mumbai for a ride on the bike. For one, you will get the exercise and secondly you will enjoy the hot company. However you will have to make a good choice of the bike for the ride.

The best way to select the bike is to go to a rental shop. Good sporty bikes are available at a slightly higher rent as compared to the general category. Pick the bike that has gears and speed control, and avoid the carrier as you would prefer to have your Bollywood escort seated on the traverse pipe right in front of you. Take a blue or green colour bike to go with your sporty mood.

If you feel comfortable riding on the busy traffic roads, pick up your model escort Mumbai from the designated spot by cycling up to the point. For sure she might get a shock of her life once she says a sporty hunk ready to take her for a free ride on her bike. But soon she is going to understand what the ride has to offer. Once the VIP escort is there with you, you can move to a nearby park with concrete pathways of a neighbourhood with limited traffic.

As you slowly pedal down the picturesque park, the celebrity escort is going to feel your hot breath on her neck. The slow rubbing of your body against her back with the cycling motion is going to tickle the erogenous zones. How you feel is a different matter, but your masculine body and macho action is going to arouse the Mumbai escort for sure.

You can stop for a good fill of some delicious food and beverages on your way back to your hotel. Cycling becomes difficult after you have food. It is better to return it and have food near your hotel. Enjoy the post lunch session with your Model escort Mumbai in the privacy of your room.

Take your celebrity escort Mumbai to the fashion show in town

Mumbai is also known as the city of glamour. With the Bollywood industry being the centre stage of attraction, you can find many activities linked to it. Bollywood has given rise to a large number of celebrities in town. With the TV Serial actors and actresses and the advertisement shoots, the celebrity count is on the rise. To top it up, we have the fashion shows in the metropolis which only add to the glam numbers. These fashion shows are organized by top notch corporates and fashion design houses and are held all the year round in the Mumbai city.

Next time when you are in Mumbai, find out about the next fashion show on the internet. If you manage to get the tickets, plan for the event with your model escort Mumbai giving you company. You would already have heard about the prominent shows like the Lakme fashion week, Ponds-Femina Miss India contest, and India Bridal fashion week etc. Besides these, numerous fashion shows are organized in the prominent malls of the city, which are at times coupled with fashion photography and other contests.

The models sashaying the ramp are a treat to watch. You get time to catch the complete outfit from the head to toe as the model walks down the ramp. The cat-walk can set your hear racing, but the models do it with poise and grace. The eye catching outfits are those with plunging necklines and thigh high slits. These leave a little to your imagination. When you watch these models at the fashion show, ask your celebrity escort Mumbai to take a mental note of the outfits that you like personally.

It is quite likely that a particular hair-do may appeal to you, or the moderate exposure is to your liking. After the event you can take your hi-profile escort Mumbai to the market and buy her the outfits and the accessories like the high heels, belts and clutch bags that appealed to you the most. Back at the hotel room the Bollywood escort would be more than pleased to dress up and appear before you as a fashion model. So take your pick and enjoy the personal show.

Barge into a college to enjoy the cultural festival with your hi-profile escort Mumbai

Mumbai has a number of educational institutions and colleges spread all over the metropolis. Colleges host events like sports day, prom night, and inter college competitions etc. Besides the studies they ensure the all-round development of the students. One of the events, which most of the college students look forward is the cultural festival. This event is held annually and may last for anything between three to five days. Students from other colleges, participate in the variety of competitions organized by the host college over the duration of the festival.

Normally these festivals are for the college students, but outsiders are able to sneak in as participants. You can also easily make the grade along with your Bollywood escort Mumbai and take entry into the college boundary. Once inside you will find many students who have made friends with the opposite sex, roaming around in the premises. So you become one of the many such couples having a gala time.

You can go to the auditorium and competition arena and enjoy the events along with your celebrity escort Mumbai. You can also move around in the large campus area which normally is spread over a big acreage of land. You will find many green areas, woody paths, ruins of monuments etc. which will give access to hideouts and private areas. Since the college fest is on you will find the love birds all around, but with some effort you would be able to locate your own privy place.

You will remember your college days and your involvement with the girls as you enjoy and have fun with your model escort Mumbai. For sure, the Mumbai escort is also going to have her college life in her memory. It is best to share your sojourns of the college days and play out a repeat or try something new. The place only adds a lot of adventurous spirit and charm to the whole exercise. Enjoy the time and the companionship with your hi-profile escort Mumbai, but be sure to be out of the college premises before the gates close for the night. You can complete the balance action in your hotel room.