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How about going on a boat ride with your Bollywood escort Mumbai?

The city of Mumbai has a very long coastline. At a number of places you can see the sea beaches which are thronged by the public. The beaches become the places for having fun and frolic. People make merry by splashing into the shallow sea waters or by enjoying the street food at the stalls put up on the beach front. You can also find people picnicking on the shore while others are relaxing on the soft dry sand. You also can enjoy the fun by venturing out into the sea with your model escort Mumbai.

The best way to go deeper into the sea is to try a boat ride. There are boat rides where 30 to 40 passengers are ferried far from the shores and then brought back. You can get these motorized boat journeys or plan a manual boat ride along with your celebrity escort Mumbai. The latter works out better because it is just the two of you on the boat along with the oarsman. Once you are away from the shore, you have your own privacy. The oarsmen understand the purpose very well and allow you to have full liberty.

You can also try to row the boat by yourself by asking the oarsman to teach you the process. The process is very simple and you will get the hang of it very easily. All you require is some masculine strength to cut through the water. You can make the process enjoyable by making your hi-profile escort sit right in front of you and make the rowing movements with you. The oarsman can be in the front and steer the boat from there while you enjoy the rubbing and brushing with your Bollywood escort Mumbai.

Your VIP escort would also like the rowing movements and moving in tandem with your movements. She gets a push as take the oars to the front and then enjoys leaning on you as you cut through the water. Don’t get too much engrossed into the action as you would need a lot of energy when you reach back to the room. But you can always take some good food at a restaurant on the way back to recharge your batteries.

Take a cycling sojourn with your Bollywood escort Mumbai

Cycling is fun and also good for your health. It tones up your calf muscles and stimulates your entire body. The exercise not only burns the calories but also improves your circulation. You can enjoy the dual benefit by taking your hi-profile escort Mumbai for a ride on the bike. For one, you will get the exercise and secondly you will enjoy the hot company. However you will have to make a good choice of the bike for the ride.

The best way to select the bike is to go to a rental shop. Good sporty bikes are available at a slightly higher rent as compared to the general category. Pick the bike that has gears and speed control, and avoid the carrier as you would prefer to have your Bollywood escort seated on the traverse pipe right in front of you. Take a blue or green colour bike to go with your sporty mood.

If you feel comfortable riding on the busy traffic roads, pick up your model escort Mumbai from the designated spot by cycling up to the point. For sure she might get a shock of her life once she says a sporty hunk ready to take her for a free ride on her bike. But soon she is going to understand what the ride has to offer. Once the VIP escort is there with you, you can move to a nearby park with concrete pathways of a neighbourhood with limited traffic.

As you slowly pedal down the picturesque park, the celebrity escort is going to feel your hot breath on her neck. The slow rubbing of your body against her back with the cycling motion is going to tickle the erogenous zones. How you feel is a different matter, but your masculine body and macho action is going to arouse the Mumbai escort for sure.

You can stop for a good fill of some delicious food and beverages on your way back to your hotel. Cycling becomes difficult after you have food. It is better to return it and have food near your hotel. Enjoy the post lunch session with your Model escort Mumbai in the privacy of your room.

Take your celebrity escort Mumbai to the fashion show in town

Mumbai is also known as the city of glamour. With the Bollywood industry being the centre stage of attraction, you can find many activities linked to it. Bollywood has given rise to a large number of celebrities in town. With the TV Serial actors and actresses and the advertisement shoots, the celebrity count is on the rise. To top it up, we have the fashion shows in the metropolis which only add to the glam numbers. These fashion shows are organized by top notch corporates and fashion design houses and are held all the year round in the Mumbai city.

Next time when you are in Mumbai, find out about the next fashion show on the internet. If you manage to get the tickets, plan for the event with your model escort Mumbai giving you company. You would already have heard about the prominent shows like the Lakme fashion week, Ponds-Femina Miss India contest, and India Bridal fashion week etc. Besides these, numerous fashion shows are organized in the prominent malls of the city, which are at times coupled with fashion photography and other contests.

The models sashaying the ramp are a treat to watch. You get time to catch the complete outfit from the head to toe as the model walks down the ramp. The cat-walk can set your hear racing, but the models do it with poise and grace. The eye catching outfits are those with plunging necklines and thigh high slits. These leave a little to your imagination. When you watch these models at the fashion show, ask your celebrity escort Mumbai to take a mental note of the outfits that you like personally.

It is quite likely that a particular hair-do may appeal to you, or the moderate exposure is to your liking. After the event you can take your hi-profile escort Mumbai to the market and buy her the outfits and the accessories like the high heels, belts and clutch bags that appealed to you the most. Back at the hotel room the Bollywood escort would be more than pleased to dress up and appear before you as a fashion model. So take your pick and enjoy the personal show.

Barge into a college to enjoy the cultural festival with your hi-profile escort Mumbai

Mumbai has a number of educational institutions and colleges spread all over the metropolis. Colleges host events like sports day, prom night, and inter college competitions etc. Besides the studies they ensure the all-round development of the students. One of the events, which most of the college students look forward is the cultural festival. This event is held annually and may last for anything between three to five days. Students from other colleges, participate in the variety of competitions organized by the host college over the duration of the festival.

Normally these festivals are for the college students, but outsiders are able to sneak in as participants. You can also easily make the grade along with your Bollywood escort Mumbai and take entry into the college boundary. Once inside you will find many students who have made friends with the opposite sex, roaming around in the premises. So you become one of the many such couples having a gala time.

You can go to the auditorium and competition arena and enjoy the events along with your celebrity escort Mumbai. You can also move around in the large campus area which normally is spread over a big acreage of land. You will find many green areas, woody paths, ruins of monuments etc. which will give access to hideouts and private areas. Since the college fest is on you will find the love birds all around, but with some effort you would be able to locate your own privy place.

You will remember your college days and your involvement with the girls as you enjoy and have fun with your model escort Mumbai. For sure, the Mumbai escort is also going to have her college life in her memory. It is best to share your sojourns of the college days and play out a repeat or try something new. The place only adds a lot of adventurous spirit and charm to the whole exercise. Enjoy the time and the companionship with your hi-profile escort Mumbai, but be sure to be out of the college premises before the gates close for the night. You can complete the balance action in your hotel room.

A visit to the art museum with your VIP escort Mumbai

Like every other city, Mumbai too has a very deep rooted culture. The British raj has left a colonial imprint on the city of Mumbai. This can be seen in the numerous art galleries and museums dotting the metropolis. The artists have made an attempt to add the artefacts that depict the contemporary Mumbai and its modern outlook along with the bygone era paintings and murals. The art forms have been carefully preserved in the museums and galleries that are concentrated around the Colaba area of Mumbai. Most of the names are popular like the Amrita Jhaveri projects, Tasveer gallery, Chemould Prescott road gallery, and the Bhau Daji Lad museum.

When you make a visit to any of the reputed galleries and museums you are likely to find the artefacts of national and international fame. Many of the artisans also prefer to put up their pieces of work before the public in the five star hotels. They do it for the sole purpose of presenting their work to the connoisseurs and the elite. The works of the renowned painters like M F Husain can be seen in such exhibitions at times. To have a look at these excellent depictions you can plan a trip to a nearby art gallery along with your model escort Mumbai.

It would however be better if you check the profile of the celebrity escorts to find out if they have some interest in the artefacts that you like. The erotic form of art depiction can really bring out the paintings to life. For a basic course you can always visit the Antarang sexual information art gallery. Once the basics are clear the explicit and seductive art forms become more meaningful.

By reading the captions and the brief descriptions you and your VIP escort Mumbai can really make out what the artisan is trying to convey. The male and female forms and presented in a beautiful and bold depiction. You will find the gallery bring out the beauty of the art forms in a picturesque display. One thing is for sure that the paintings and murals can set your and the hi-profile escort’s imagination rolling for spontaneous actions in the night ahead.

Gifting a Barbie doll to your model escort Mumbai can make a difference

Girls have a special liking for dolls and like to play with them in their childhood. But somewhere their liking for the dolls does not go away even as they grow older. Sensing this, the American toy company Mattel came out with an adult bodied doll, disguising it as a fashion doll. The doll has become so popular with the girls and ladies that there are fifty five different models today. You can log on to the Barbie doll website and see the entire range for yourself.

You must be wondering as to why you should be on the doll website? We perfectly agree that at your age you like playing with the live dolls and the play toys do not interest you. However, the purpose is to give you a preview of the possibilities in which you can see your live doll. There is no need to get confused. The Barbie dolls pack contains the doll, her dress and accessories. The fifty five models that we are talking about consist of various life roles like glamorous models, high society girls, cooks, doctors, maids, teachers and so on. Besides these you will find the Barbie dolls with multiple hair styles, outfits that catch your attention, and accessories that add to the glamour.

By having a look at these dolls on the internet you can let your imagination roll to the point where you would like to see your hi-profile escort Mumbai. Gift her Barbie doll that comes nearest to your desire and see how the Mumbai model escort gears up to present you with an exact replica. You would have to take the trouble of going around in the market so that she can pick up the matching outfits and accessories from the market. When she dons the dress and puts on the accessories with a matching hairdo, you would realize that your dream of seeing a live Barbie doll has come true. For all we know, you could be having a high society girl giving you company or a celebrity escort doctor checking your chest for a possible infection.

Going on a picnic with your celebrity escort Mumbai can be fun

The city of Mumbai is known for diverse reasons and one of them is its natural beauty. The city has a number of tree grooves, gardens and parks that herald its greenery. The Hanging Gardens and the Kamla Nehru Park in South Mumbai are excellent getaways. But, wait till you get to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivilli and you will marvel at the lush green landscapes and the flowers in full bloom in the upcoming spring season. How about a picnic to these plush green areas along with your model escort Mumbai?

These parks offer the perfect serene surroundings away from the traffic and congestion of the city. You can enjoy the walk on the entwining walkways that criss-cross the entire park. If you are lucky you can also see the deer grazing in the park and the peacocks dancing in the woods. There are plenty of benches to take rest and the celebrity escort with you may like to enjoy a few rounds on the swings. The fresh and clean air in the park will do a lot of good to your lungs. The parks are the best bet for a healthy impetus for your body.

The walk around the park is definitely going to make you feel hungry and the availability of food in the parks may be very limited. It is preferable to carry packaged food for your picnic in the park. You can sit down in the grass or on the benches and enjoy the picnic lunch. Most of the parks in the city are open in the day only and hence you will have to plan your outing along with your Bollywood escort Mumbai accordingly.

After a good lunch it is time to relax on the lush green grass. How about lying down with your head resting on the lap of your hi-profile escort Mumbai? For sure, you are going to enjoy every bit of the caressing and gentle stroking of your head as she slides her fingers through your hair. The mesmerizing experience is going to give you the relaxation that you have been longing for all these years.

A bike ride with your model escort Mumbai can be fun

Owning a classy bike and then riding it on the city roads and highways is a passion for many. You will often see groups of bike owners zooming across the roads on the way to their destinations. Every bike company, whether it is Hero, Yamaha, Suzuki, Bajaj, or Honda has a sporty looking model for the road enthusiasts. The CBZ from Hero and the 90K plus models from Yamaha and Suzuki are the head turners. Then there are bikes for the connoisseurs from Eicher and Harley Davidson. While the Harley bikes fall in the expensive range the Eicher Bullet in its new avatar is a runaway success.

If you own one of these classy bikes, you can easily plan a ride across the Mumbai city with the celebrity escort Mumbai on the pillion ride. All you need to do is call up the Mumbai escort service and pick up the Bollywood escort from the designated spot. The ride becomes enjoyable if you own a taper seat or a high pillion level bike. You would have seen these sizzling bikes with the heroine towering behind the hero in the Bollywood movies. It is your time now to make the people around you jealous.

Riding on the bike means that you need to have a dress code. Tight fitting clothes with zipped up jackets and boots make the right ensemble. If you inform your intentions to the Mumbai escort agency beforehand, they will ensure that the model escort giving you company also wears a compatible dress with no loose flying stuff. As you accelerate when the red light turns green to zip ahead of the rest of the traffic you are going to make quite a few heads turn.

The real enjoyment of the bike ride comes when you are on the empty stretches of the highway. As you get into top speed the bike vrooms ahead and your VIP escort Mumbai clings to you all the more closely. Enjoy the repeats so long as you keep the safety limits and head gear on. For sure you would have the erotic pulses giving you the desired pleasure.

Fun time at the water park with your hi-profile escort Mumbai

Despite the numerous sea beaches in the city of Mumbai, the inland water parks have gained popularity over the years. This is because of the water that is clear and is also not harsh on your skin like the sea water. Besides the water, you can have fun on the slides, tunnels and also play a number of water games. It is a very nice place to be if you have company. The Mumbai escort service is there to take care if you feeling the lack of it. A model escort Mumbai will be right there by your side as you place the order on the agency.

You have the perfect liberty to choose the bikini for your Bollywood escort from the market place. For all we may know, you might be getting inspiration from the bikini shoots of the Bollywood heroines in the movies. The colour and the cut are acceptable, so long as it within the decency limits. Once you are at the water park you can put on your swimming trunks and begin your rendezvous in the pool with your celebrity escort Mumbai giving you company. You can best admire her beauty as you play the ball with her right opposite. As she jumps to catch the ball, you can get a good view of her statistics. You can also sit right behind her as you both slip on the water slides right into the pool.

Another way to have fun is to bask in the sun by the pool side. You can enjoy a refreshing drink while lying down on the relaxing couches by the pool side. This also allows you to get a good view of your hi-profile escort Mumbai enjoying a swim in the pool. It also sets your imagination rolling as you plan for the night session ahead. You can add to the enjoyment by applying sun tan lotion on the back of your VIP escort Mumbai when she comes out of the pool to enjoy the sun and relax. It is a different matter that how much control you have in order to make it back to the hotel room when you touch her.