Enjoy watching an on screen cricket match with your Bollywood escort


The game of cricket runs in the blood of the Indian public. You can easily see the game going on in every nook and corner of the city when the cricket fever is on. People like playing the game with tennis balls, makeshift stumps, and varying size of the fields. The whole enjoyment comes from scoring runs and bowling out the batting side. However, all the people do not like getting physical and enjoy watching the game on their TV sets and in public places. The fun becomes manifold when you have the right audience watching along with you.

How about taking your celebrity escort Mumbai to watch a day and night cricket match on a giant screen. The match could be T-20 or a one day international. When the live performances are being telecast in the evenings you can see large crowds gathered in public spaces in front of giant screens. It is also possible to get comfortable seating and viewership in big hotels that specially make arrangements for such events. You can get further enjoyment if the match is between the Indian team and its formidable rivals like Australia and South Africa or the more traditional ones like Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The advantage of watching the game in the big hotels is that you can also eat and have drinks along with your model escort Mumbai while keeping the tempo on with the game.

The thrill of the game can be felt when the Indian batsman score the boundaries and the sixes. With every run scored you will hear the shouts and claps. Soon you and your hi-profile escort Mumbai would be a part of the melee and participating in the game. Your nationalist feelings will overpower you when the Indian bowlers strike at the opponents and take the wickets. You can add zing to the whole affair by betting on the match outcome with your Bollywood escort Mumbai. Whosoever wins will be calling the shots when you are together in your hotel room in the night ahead. It looks to be a fair deal.


How about a dinner session with your celebrity escort Mumbai?


Dining out is an obsession with most Indians. Businessmen are aware of this weakness and that is why you see so many restaurants, eating joints and establishments running the food business. Some people have a liking for fast food because that saves on time. But when you are going out to have dinner, it is presumed that you have plenty of time. After you have ordered the dinner, the waiting time gives you an opportunity to talk your heart out. The conversation is best enjoyed with a female company. It becomes all the more entertaining if you have a hi-profile escort Mumbai sitting right opposite you.

The place to have the dinner also assumes significance as the ambience plays a major role when you are dining out. The three star restaurants and elite eating joints provide you the right backdrop. These are likely to come within your budget too. However if money is not a constraint you can definitely opt for a five star hotel, as it will offer you many dining options within the same premises. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the VIP escort Mumbai, the best way to view her is in the candlelight or a dimly lit corner of a restaurant. So ask the reception to make the arrangement accordingly. You will definitely need some drinks to absorb her beauty and get a good impression of her on your mind. Whether it is the glow on her face, or the light reflecting from the gloss of her supple lips, the Bollywood escorts look stunning in shimmering lights.

The food can be ordered once both of you had a good conversation and enjoyed the drinks which serve as an appetiser. Check for your preference for a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian diet, but a dal Makani or dal Bukhara is something which will definitely add to the zing of the food that you have. The restaurants have a special dish normally every day and it makes sense to add it to your dinner menu. Enjoy the food along with your celebrity escort Mumbai to your heart’s content. A sumptuous food always sets the mood for an enjoyable session in the night ahead.

Movie time with your Bollywood escort Mumbai

Indians have a special weakness for the movies and it is not limited to the Bollywood movies alone. They have a special liking for the Hollywood films as well and especially so when they have a female friend to give them company. The Mumbai escorts service comes to your aid when it comes to providing you female company in the form of a celebrity escort Mumbai. We can only guarantee that you pleasure of watching the movie would only be doubled or tripled once you have the hi-profile escort by your side.

There are many ways of enjoying the movie. The preferred mode is to take your Bollywood escort to the nearest Cineplex or PVR. The advantage of a PVR is that you have multiple shows of the latest blockbuster running and you are likely to get the tickets of the show that starts within an hour max. Once inside the hall and on your seats, you can secretly take advantage of the darkness. Your advances are going to be accepted by the Mumbai escort so long as they do not break the decency of the surroundings. So plan your moves accordingly.

Many of our friends are not so enterprising and prefer to watch the movies along with their VIP escorts in the confines of the hotel room. They prefer to get cosy with their companion while the movie runs on the screen in front. You can watch the romantic movie if that is to your liking or instead go for the ones that have the sizzling scenes with the item girls. Whatever is the case you should avoid going in for the vulgar content because it is not for watching together.

The Hollywood movie makers have a habit of regularly coming out with movies that have a lot of erotic content but is displayed decently. It would be really enjoyable and entertaining if you and your hi-profile escort Mumbai decide on watching the movies like “Fifty shades of Grey” or “Basic Instinct.” The best part of watching the movie in your hotel room is that you can rewind the scenes till you really get a hang of what is going on. It is only then you can practice it to perfection!

Get the model escort Mumbai ready exclusively for you

One of the discerning services provided by the Mumbai escorts agency is to provide you with a hi-profile escort who gears up for you according to your needs and desires. Every man wants her companion to look smart, beautiful and inviting. All you need to do is to share your desires with your Mumbai escort and she would be happy to oblige. All it takes is an hour or two for her to get herself ready in the desired mode.

You have to take her to a good beauty parlour, so that she can have her facial done. The pedicure and manicure add the zing to her feet and hands making them soft and supple. While she is having these done, you can pick up the nail polish, lipstick, gloss, and mascara etc. as per the list provided by your model escort. The colours can be of the choice as you would like. If you provide these accessories at the beauty parlour, they would be happy to get her ready accordingly. However, you can also carry these to the hotel room where the celebrity escort Mumbai would get decked up in exclusivity for you.

As you are back in the hotel and coolly sipping the ordered drinks, you can take your time to admire your Bollywood escort. The bright red lipstick on her lips is inviting enough. But wait till you look at the majestic purple nails on her soft hands and supple feet. The touch and feel of the same is going to set your heart racing.

The VIP escorts are particularly adept at playing the tricks with their hairdos. You would be surprised to see the shades of her personality when she opens up her hair and then ties them up in a neat bun. Make the selection that is to your liking. Allow her to mesmerize you by the use of the eye liner and eye shadow. The orange on her cheeks and the lip gloss are only going to make her irresistible. It is up to you to control yourself or let the animal in you come out in the loose.

Seaside Mumbai is the place to be with your celebrity escort

Mumbai city has a very long coast line and after every few kilometres you come across a sea beach. There are plenty of them and you must have heard the prominent names like Marine Drive, Versova, Madh Island, Gorai, Chowpatty, and Juhu. If you have a holiday or are back from your work early, all you need to do is to call up the Mumbai escort agency to make an arrangement for you. The response is pretty quick and you will soon be having the company of a hi-profile Mumbai escort at the designated beach of your choice.

With the celebrity escort in tow, you can be sure of a gala time ahead. Do you remember those childhood days when you used to make castles on the sea beaches? Well you can have the same fun and frolic time once again. Let your imagination run while you make the sketches on the sand or make in buildings together with your Mumbai escort. The enjoyment in the whole exercise is that you develop a lot of intimacy and closeness with your beautiful companion. Hold her close to you as you take a walk into the sea water and enjoy the sea waves as they gently strike against your feet and legs. You will find the Bollywood escort clinging to you and the pleasure sensations heightening as you move deeper but within safe limits.

After you enjoy every bit of the walk in the water, you can return to the beach dry sands for some snacks. The beaches of Mumbai have loads of delicacies on offer for the visitors. If you ask your celebrity escort for the choice, she will definitely give thumbs up to the pani-puri or the aloo-ki-chat. There are many other possibilities like the Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji, and south Indian Dosa, and it all depends on what you crave for. As the snacks fill your tummy, the memories of the sea beach moments would push you towards your hotel room. We are sure that they would have provided enough ammunition for the night ahead with your model escort Mumbai.

The winter drizzle is an opportunity to spend time with the Mumbai escorts

If you dig through the epics of the bygone era of Indian culture, you will find a lot written about the rain. Though the actual mythology relates to the monsoons, rain is welcome in any season of the year. The winter rains bring with them the special cosiness and romance that any individual will long for. There is nothing like enjoying the winter drizzle with the hi-profile escorts in Mumbai. The Mumbai rain has its own charm as you will get a heavy spell that completely drenches you and is followed by a light precipitation that gently caresses you.

Have a look at the weather forecast in Mumbai and set up your rendezvous with the celebrity escort. All you need to do is to call up the Mumbai escort service and set up a date for you on a rainy day. When the Bollywood escort arrives make your intentions clear to her, that you want to enjoy with her in the rainy backdrop. You can take our word for it that she would be happy to oblige. A walk in the drizzle with your hot partner in tow is a mesmerizing experience. Enjoy the gentle water drops as they trickle down your face and hers. The glistening beads lend a special charm to the beautiful face of the Mumbai escort. You will soon realize that what has been said about the rain in our mythology is really true.

The impact is equally felt by the model escort giving you company. As the rain increases in intensity or if there is a loud thunder, you will actually find her clinging to you for protection. So as a male it is your duty to provide her the protection and comfort. The rain has done its job by providing you with a romantic set up, and the hi-profile escort Mumbai has already submitted her to you. The privacy of the hotel room and a warm shower does the trick at his time. Enjoy food and drinks and get cosy in the bed as the settings are right for the night ahead.

The celebrity escorts Mumbai and their dominating dress sense!

Most of the people on this earth enjoy dressing for the special occasions. It is more so with the ladies, who want to look different every time they have to go to an event. The exercise starts from the selection of a dress and goes on to spending of hours at the beauty parlour. Most of you are well versed with the requirements as you would have seen it in some form or the other in your family. The story at this end is literally the same when it comes to the model escorts in Mumbai. They take their time in dressing up as the leading fashionista in town. With an impeccable dress sense and smart outfits the Bollywood escorts look simply stunning.

However, you need to gear up to see them in a dominating dress up. You can let your imagination run high as you visualize how the model escort would look like when she wears a dominating dress. The market will offer you a wide choice of these powerful outfits. Actually speaking, the latex stuff available in the market along with the leather originals has completely transformed the dress scenario. The miniskirt combo with hip length boots can set the adrenalin running. The tight fitting leather jacket can bring out the shapely figure as you would love it.

You can play with the colours of the outfits while adding on the glamour with a host of accessories. The belts, purses, bangles, and goggles can set the ball rolling for your visualizations. Add some zing to the whole affair by selecting the latex lingerie for your hi-profile escort Mumbai. We can only assure you that the Mumbai escorts would be more than happy in making the selection as per your guidance.

With all the purchases in place it is time for you to see your celebrity escort dressed aptly in the dominating mode. The best place to do it is in your own private hotel room. The moment she puts on the killer dress, she would be demanding complete submission from you.

Having Holi fun time with the high profile escorts Mumbai

With the winter season waning away, it will be spring time soon. Mumbai as it is has a fine weather, but without the chill and heat it really becomes enjoyable. It is the best time to have the company of the Mumbai celebrity escort and roam around in the city. The landscape is full of greenery and the flowers are also at full bloom. The scenic beauty provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic outing. With the hi-profile escort Mumbai in tow you can make the most of it.

As the month of March approaches, Holi festival is just around the corner. It is time to have fun and frolic with the model escort Mumbai of your choice. It is between both of you to enjoy the colours of Holi in the way you want. We need not be telling you how it goes with the gulaal first and then the wet colours follow it. Enjoy the application of the dry colours on the soft cheeks of your celebrity escort and then get intimate as you pour the wet colours on her.

While you enjoy the colours of Holi, take some time out for having food and drinks as the colours give you a lot of appetite. Music and dance go very well the festival mood. As you are aware of a lot of Bollywood numbers based on the Holi theme are very popular. The Bollywood escorts have a special liking for these foot tapping Holi songs and will give you a good company on the dance floor. The clients enjoy gyrating on the Bollywood numbers and enjoy the events fully.

Once you have revelled fully in the colours of Holi and danced to the hilt on the Bollywood songs you can both proceed to the hotel room? A warm water bath where you take time to remove the colours from your own and your partners back. After a hectic festival session followed by a soothing bath, you can relax in the company of your hi-profile Mumbai escort, right in the confines of your hotel room.