Shop for a pair of high heels for your model escort Mumbai

Have you heard about the high heel race in the western countries? It is an event in which the young ladies wear all sorts of high heel shoes and run. The one who is most adept in wearing them and knows how to walk and run VIP High Profile escort in Mumbaiin them gets to win. But it is not for the women alone. It is for the males who watch the beauties on a display. The high heels run make the body parts bounce serving as erotic triggers for them. They enjoy every moment of it.

You must also have heard a lot of songs with the mention of high heels. There is depiction of them in so many advertisements. Whosoever was the inventor has created something to tickle the male erotic zones. It actually provides a towering height to the females giving a boost to their personality. And when they walk on the stilettoes every tick pierces the heart of the male observer.

So when you are planning for a heist with your celebrity escort Mumbai why don’t you satisfy your fetish by buying your model escort a pair of high heels? It all depends on what you like to see her in. You may like strappy sandals or ankle boots; it is all very personal. Check the color that suits her skin tone. You may want black, white or red whatever triggers you on.

The heel types are also varied. You can get pointed heels, wedges and broad base heels. Take your Bollywood escort along with you for the shopping. Let her try the high heels one by one. See what excites you the most when you see her walk. Buy the pair. You can also go in for more than one in case you want some variety.

The height of the heels is also critical in deciding the degree of kick it will give you. The higher the heel, the greater is the pleasure. Five inch heel size is the best suited for your high profile model escort Mumbai. So buy the item for her. Who knows you may want to see her in high heels only tonight?

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