Things to Do In Mumbai

There is a certain vibe to city of dreams that is hard to put into words. This beautiful city, bursting at it seems brings up so many different pictures simultaneously! A sizzling stars, red carpet, psychedelic medley of glamour, cacophonic, models on the one hand and definitely the slums and labourers, the fisherwomen and the film dreamers waiting to make it big in Hindi movie industry, the gangsters and underground on the other hand.

Things to do in Mumbai

Essel World
EsselWorld is very famous not only among the kids but also among the adults. Being placed in the gray island in west Borivelli, this is an Mumbai independent escort serviceextraordinary location for one searching for real adventure. Maintained by Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd, it is the biggest water park having unique theme in Asia. It is big and has lots of options for entertainment.

Film City
Film City is in a nutshell an integrated movie studio complex placed at Goregaon, Mumbai, India. It has gardens, theatres, lakes, and several recording rooms along with grounds that serve as the place seen in various Bollywood serials and movies. It was initially built by the administration of Maharashtra to facilitate concessions to the movie industry.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
The Borivali National Park is Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a charming green forest reserve in the middle of new Mumbai. The verdant surroundings hold within them the extremely charming natural beauty of India. The remarkable variety of animals like leopards, sambhar, Indian flying fox, Hanuman langur, bonnet macaque, rhesus macaque, deer, palm civet, porcupine, yapping deer, dark napped bunny, and leopards and so on can be seen here.

Lonar is the important tourist location in Maharashtra and it is very close to Mumbai. You can have a beautiful view of the lake with birds surrounding the lake. You can also have a gorgeous view of cater surrounded by greeneries. Various species of birds can be seen especially during the March to May months.

Yash Raj Studios
Yash Chopra is considered to be one of the biggest movie makers of all times. The production home begun by him also is one of the largest movie making firms in Bollywood. Placed in 4 different cities in the globe, the studios in City are breath taking. Although, you have to ask for unique permissions and figure out if you can trip the studios from inside, still seeing it from outside is pretty things to do when in Mumbai.


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