Watching the day and night cricket match with your model escort Mumbai

All Indians love the game of cricket. Especially when the Indian team is playing the high profile cricket teams from Australia, South Africa or its traditional rival Pakistan; the match draws one and all. People tend to have an adrenalin rush through their bodies when the Indian batsmen are on a Best High Profile escort Mumbaiscoring spree or the bowlers are taking the wickets. It is very common to hear large shouts of joy from the crowds glued to the TV display of the cricket match. You can increase the enjoyment by having your celebrity escort Mumbai by your side when watching the cricket match.

A twenty –twenty or a one day international are really worth watching together. You could have the option of watching it a giant screen in the hotel or malls. Here you a large crowd as well and you can participate in the melee. The other option would be watching the match on a TV screen while having drinks and food in a restaurant along with your hi-profile escort Mumbai. It makes sense, as it gives you a good fill and you also enjoy the match.

Both of you can bet on the outcome of the match, runs scored by a batsman and wickets taken by a bowler etc.; every win giving you the advantage to have an activity of your choice in the night ahead. In simple words you can ask your Bollywood escort, or she can ask you to please her in a particular way depending on the outcome of your cricketing bets. The cricket match is now all the more interesting. The very thought of a win can set your erotic zones tingling. Here is a piece of advice. The model escorts are not experts in cricket, and just have some knowledge. So you can win most of the bets if you place them cleverly.

So while both of you enjoy the game, you have secured some wins for yourself too. The mood is all set for the night ahead and you can hardly wait to get to the hotel room to enjoy your wins!

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