Your escort in Mumbai is your doctor tonight

For the male patients in a hospital, a good looking female doctor is like a whiff of fresh air. If she smiles and comforts the patient by her touch, he is 50% cured. Most of them track the time to see her glimpse and adore her, whenever she is on the round. Though the doctor wears a normal dress, but the white coat on top gives a projection of her figure and the stethoscope puts her in command. So when she wants to examine, the male patient quickly relents and offers himself.

Why not set up a doctor patient game tonight with your Mumbai hi profile escort?  So when you pick up your celebrity escort in Mumbai from the Escorts service Mumbai, ensure that you get her the Doctor’s attire for a true to life portrayal in your hotel room. You must finish up with your dancing and eating activities to ensure that there is no disturbance when the doctor is at work.

Your hotel room is the doctor’s clinic cum examination room. The model escort Mumbai is a young doctor who has just started practicing. She is wearing blue denim jeans and a figure hugging white doctor’s coat. You approach the Bollywood escort doctor as a patient with some pain in the back and thigh muscle. You cannot get your eyes off from the luster of her pink painted lips as she asks you the questions. You are so spell bound with her busty figure that you fail to answer the questions.

The Mumbai celebrity escort cum doctor orders you to lie down on the examination bed. As she gets up from her seat you notice her towering personality by virtue of her black high heel sandals. You quickly move towards the bed, but the hi-profile escort Mumbai doctor orders you to take off your shirt for ease of examination. As you lie on your stomach she checks, presses and rubs the pain areas of the back. Most of your pain is gone and she now wants to check the thigh.

You remove the trouser at the command of the Bollywood escort Mumbai doctor. As she glides her hand upwards on your inner thigh, you know that you have found your curator!

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